Fishing Trips near Loch Lomond & Cameron House

Scotia Fishing can organise guided fishing trips near Loch Lomond for Salmon, Pike, Trout and Grayling.

Loch Lomond is an iconic Scottish Loch. You may have heard the famous song about the “bonnie, bonnie banks, o Loch Lomond”. Never has a truer word been sung as this is one of the most beautiful still water surroundings you could ever cast a line.

At an impressive 24 miles long and 5 miles wide at its longest, Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater loch by surface area in the UK and second largest by volume.


The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond at Cameron House Hotel

Loch Lomond itself is home to a number of species – the most of any loch in Scotland in-fact! Salmon, Sea-Trout, Brown Trout, Pike, Perch, Bream, Chub, Roach, Ruffe, Eels and the rare and protected Powan inhabit this Loch.

Loch Lomond is a wild life haven. Here you will find Ospreys, Kingfishers, Cormorants, Pheasants, Mergansers and Deer to name a few. There is even a pack of Wallabies inhabiting the island of Inchconnachan!

In the surrounding areas of Cameron House, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park there is a number of exciting fishing opportunities to the visiting angler. Allow us to tell you all about them!


Salmon fishing near Cameron House on beautiful private estate

Fishing Trips Near Loch Lomond for Salmon

Fish for Atlantic Salmon & Sea Trout on the stunning River Teith only 30 minutes from Loch Lomond and Cameron House.

This bonnie spate river is the gem of the central belt. The location is idyllic, surrounded by woodland and the only other people you will meet are other anglers which is limited to four per day.

The Teith is known for its quality summer sea trout fishing, spring and back end Salmon runs. Not to mention a renown big fish river – Atlantic Salmon over 40lbs have been landed here in recent years!


Stunning fresh Sea Trout caught on the Teith by head guide Callum Conner

Not just a great fishing river it supplies the water to make the excellent single malt from Deanston Distillery.

The Teith is our local river and our guides know it well. Our head guide caught his first-ever Salmon from this very river!

This level of local knowledge and experience is paramount when hiring a fishing guide to ensure the best chances of success.

You can visit our Salmon Fishing in Scotland Package here. Or Enquire Here.



A lovely family enjoy a day on the big pond!

Fishing Trips Near Loch Lomond for Pike

Fish for Scotland’s Apex Predator on the bonnie banks or from boat on Loch Lomond. Lomond produces 30b plus Pike every year and is arguably one of the finest Pike fishing lochs in the country.

At 25 miles long Lomond is ocean like, an in-depth knowledge of this vast expanse of water is required in order to locate the predatory Pike.

Our guides have fished this Loch for years and know all the hotspots to help ensure you success.


Pike Fishing Near Loch Lomond Cameron House

We can fish for Pike using a variety of methods including fly, lure or bait. Pike Fishing is mostly done from boat, except in the winter months.

Float tube fishing with lure and fly is great fun in the summer months, if the weather is calm and you’re relatively fit this is a very exciting way to fish for Pike!

Perch are an exciting alternative to Pike when fishing is tough. Big numbers of these fish can be caught with specimens up to 3lb!

You can visit our Pike fishing trips in Scotland Package here. Or Enquire Here.



Fishing Trips Near Loch Lomond for Trout & Grayling

There are some good Wild Brown Trout Lochs near Loch Lomond offering better fishing opportunities for our spotted friends than the loch itself.

Fishing on the relatively local rivers also allows the opportunity to target one of Scotland’s best kept secrets, Grayling. These fish are a firm favourite with our guides for the beauty and sporting prowess.


Stunning wild brown trout

There are some lovely Highland-like streams in the Trossachs National Park that are ideal for wild brown trout.

Although these fish are small they pose a real challenge to the fly fisher and a stealthy approach is essential. What they often lack in size they make up for in spirit.

You can visit Trout & Grayling Fishing in Scotland Package here. Or Enquire Here.


If you would like to find out more information about fishing trips near Loch Lomond and Cameron House Hotel please get in touch using the various links throughout the post or by using the “Contact Us” button.

Trout Fishing Edinburgh With Professional Fishing Guides

We can have you Trout Fishing not far from Edinburgh in the beautiful tranquility of the Scottish countryside – only 40 mins drive from the city centre!

Our talented team of knowledgeable, professional fishing guides have years of Trout fishing experience, particularly in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Under their guidance you will not only have fun, but maximise your chances of having an ultimately successful day.


Great guys from New Zealand enjoy a day on the river.

Let us explain some package options for Trout Fishing in Edinburgh.

Wild River Brown Trout Fishing

The lowland rivers are rich in natural feeding and this is where the best river Trout fishing can be found in Scotland.

Wild Brown Trout average 8-10’oz, but at certain times of year you stand a good chance of landing the real specimens over 2’lbs.

Early season is best for dry fly fishing. Mid March to Early June, when the temperatures increase and hatches occur more frequently the hungry the Trout will rise freely. This period provides ‘us’ (fisherman) with the best opportunity to tempt them.


A beautiful dry fly caught wild brown trout from a river near Edinburgh.


As the season progresses the bigger fish become meat eaters, feeding on smaller fish they become more difficult to tempt during the day.

Good sport can still be had throughout the summer months with the average sized Trout employing stealthy French/Euro Nymphing tactics. This devastating technique is very straight-forward and your guides can teach this within minutes, regardless of having any fly fishing experience at all.

There are a number of productive rivers not far from Edinburgh and our guides will use their knowledge to put you on the best river to suit the current conditions and your experience.


Grayling are one of the most beautiful species found in Scotland.

Grayling are a frequent by-catch when fishing these stunning lowland rivers. They often provide sport when the Trout are not so obliging. They make a very welcome addition and a worthy target in their own right.




Scotia Guide Lennie Fuller scans the water for surface feeding Trout.

Trout Fishing on the Iconic Loch Leven.

Leven is one of Scotland’s most prestigious lochs and only a short drive north from Edinburgh. It offers the serious Trout angler a challenging, traditional Loch fishing experience in Scotland.

Spring and Fall is best for daytime fishing where traditional Scottish wet fly fishing and nymphing can work well when there is little wind or when the buzzer hatches are in full swing. We use a mixture of floating and sinking line tactics during these periods.


The famous “Last Cast” in the falling light…

In the summer evening sessions are often more productive. This period can be hit or miss, but if we get the correct conditions the Loch can come alive with rising Trout!

Blessed with history and an array of wildlife, Leven is a national nature reserve & site of special scientific interest.  Not to mention home to some outstanding Trout fishing on its day!

Loch Leven has some of the richest feeding of any loch in the country and produces specimen Trout approaching 10lbs in weight every season. It is a national treasure in our eyes and one of the best Trout Fishing lochs in Scotland.


A typical sized Loch Leven Trout – seriously well fed!

Our packages start from £259 for 1 person, £309 for 2 persons and include:

  • Transportation
  • Permits/licenses
  • A qualified & insured fishing guide per 3 anglers
  • Scottish themed, home-made lunches & non alcoholic drinks
  • High-end fishing tackle hire
  • Breathable waders & boot hire
  • Full safety equipment
  • Photographic memories from your day to keep as a souvenir

Upon confirming your booking with a deposit you will receive a comprehensive PDF welcome pack with all the information you need for your upcoming trip. This can be downloaded and saved to your smart phone, tablet or iPad for easy access.

If you are interested in fishing in Edinburgh please do get in touch by using the contact us button here or at the top of the page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Merry Christmas 2015!

Wishing all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year when it comes!

2015 has been an unbelievable year for Scotia Fishing and myself (Callum Conner) personally. We’ve surpassed all our annual goals and I can only thank our partnering hotels, fishing agents, estates, ghillies, our guides Ken Wood, Lennie Fuller & last but not least Euan Fuller at Scotia Golfing for all their great work. We look forward to working together more in 2016.

2016 is shaping up to be another exciting year with some new exciting partnerships formed and projects developing – I cannot wait to get started!

Big thanks to all our customers for their support and custom – it wouldn’t be possible without you!


PS – Fishing of late has not been easy. We’ve had some seriously wet weather, our rivers have been in flood for weeks!

I returned from the Sultanate of Oman ( post to come ) after two weeks of saltwater fishing in thirty degree celsius temperatures to be told it had not stopped raining since I left. There has been some biblical floods on our rivers during this time. Lets hope for some frost and drier weather in the coming weeks for a festive fish!

Best wishes!

Scotia Fishing Team

Salmon Fishing Dreams on the River Tay…

What would be classed as Salmon fishing dreams? Salmon Fishing in Scotland? Four Salmon in one day? Absolutely!
In Autumn/Fall in Scotland it’s not unheard of to experience four seasons in one day, but four Salmon in one day? To one angler? It’s almost unheard of in the modern day.
So yes, this was in-fact a scenario that happened to one very fortunate angler fishing with Scotia on the mighty River Tay back in October 2015!

Bill and Allan had driven all the way down from Inverness to come Salmon fishing on the Tay with Head Guide Callum Conner. We manoeuvred their initial date to capitalise on some last minute availability on one of my favourite Salmon beats and one of the most productive on the river. After a long drive, some motivational speech from myself then probably more importantly some caffeine, Bill & Allan and were raring to go!

I gave a quick tackle demo and briefing of where the Salmon would likely lie in this area. Bill and Allan had a few casts while we waited for the ghillie to drop off the other rods on the opposite bank. After half a dozen casts I see Bill with his rod high and arched over, yep, Bill was in…


Bill’s first ever Atlantic Salmon, the best way to start a day! But that hat though Bill?

After a short fight he’d landed his first ever Atlantic Salmon. It wasn’t the bonniest of Salmon, it had been through the wars but still, it’s a Salmon and he was off the mark! I knew after this Bill’s confidence would be sky high for the remainder of the day and I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be his only today!

Now, the Lower Tay is a big river, even in summer lows which we were experiencing on this day. Sometimes you need to cover the pools from the boat to ensure you fish as much of the river as possible and ultimately heighten your chances of success. So off we went. Anchoring up in one of the most productive back-end Salmon pools of the lower river we had Salmon of all shades and sizes jumping around the boat! This has to be seen to be believed, the Lower River Tay can come alive with Salmon at this time of year. You would be lucky if thirty seconds would pass without a Salmon belly flopping back into the water. For someone that hasn’t experienced this it really helps to get the adrenaline flowing!


The Lower River Tay – She’s a big’un!

Bill and Allan continued to cover the water well. Every now and then Bill would murmur a few “ooh” & “ahh, that was a hit”. After an hour one finally committed. With the drag from the reel producing some lovely music to our ears we knew we were into something more substantial than the first fish. Carefully edging the boat into the side whilst playing the fish would help us land and photograph the fish, causing the least amount of stress possible.

I had the pleasure of slipping the net under this awesome back-end Hen Salmon, sporting full spawning livery. Unhooking the fish in the net, in the water and after a quick photo she was released back to do her business. We can look forward to meeting her kids in a few years time!


A thumper for Bill’s second of the day!

While we were on the bank we thought it would be as good a time as any to go cover the top of the beat, which had been left alone by the other anglers all morning so any likely Salmon lying there had not been disturbed yet. With the top run looking very promising I stuck Allan in front of Bill aka “hot rod” to try get him into the fish first. Before I could even wade back out I hear “fish on Cal”. Yup, you guessed it, he’s in again – haha. A few choice words were aired in good jest at Bill as I made my way back to do the honours for him.

This was a sparkling bright sea liced cock Grilse of around 6 pounds that gave a spirited fight with many nerve wracking, head shaking runs close to the net. A quick photograph and back he went! Big hand shakes and congratulations were voiced to Bill who had released his third Salmon before lunch – what a morning!


A beautiful third Salmon for Bill. This one with sea-lice straight from the ocean!

Three Salmon was the half time score and we retired to the hut for a welcome hearty Scottish themed lunch and a celebratory dram! A quick chat with the other anglers and it was soon apparent that Bill had been the only fortunate angler this morning despite the obscene amount of airborne Salmon seen throughout the beat!

The afternoon session would see us fishing the bottom section of the beat from the left bank. Again, I thought I’d put Bill down behind us in the hope Allan would cover any likely fish first before Hot Rod could work his magic! After a few minutes I had to remind Bill about wading too close to the lies. A quick briefing of the likely resting areas for a running fish on the inside seam of the run and a few casts later resulted in the fourth hook-up of the day.

Another great fight from this chunky little Salmon ( or Grilse – a  1 sea winter Salmon ) and once Bill subdued her I slipped the net under his epic fourth Salmon of the day!


Salmon number four safely returned to continue its journey.

Another quick photograph and back she went. “Pretty easy this Salmon fishing Bill isn’t it?” I was delighted for Bill, he now owns the Scotia Fishing record for the most Salmon in one day – which is more than my personal record of three and last seasons best of three!

Fishing is funny, Allan had the exact same set up and fishing the same areas as Bill yet never touched anything? I felt for him and I think as anglers we’ve all been there before – sometimes you are just luckier than the others?

Thankfully Bill was better at fishing than he was at selecting his choice of headwear – which was atrocious Bill! 🙂 This became a running joke throughout the day with Bill taunting the other anglers asking if they would like to wear his “lucky” hat.


Hey son, did I tell you I caught four Salmon today?…


This was one of the most memorable trips from 2015 and I was over the moon for Bill, especially given the long commute endured to make this happen.

I emailed Bill recently to sum up him his day for me in a  few words, here was his response:

I spend a good bit of time fishing the coastal and inland waters of Georgia and South Carolina, primarily the Savannah to Charleston area. I’ve been waiting for years to fish Atlantic Salmon in Scotland and Callum Conner provided that opportunity. I caught 4 beautiful fish, 3 before lunch and 1 in the afternoon.

Callum provides the all-round best Salmon fishing experience! Perfect setting and the right equipment for us Americans to experience the Lower Tay. Callum is a congenial host and guide. Listen to him – he knows his fish! He knows his way around the kitchen too. The fish and potato stew was just right – hearty, simple and filling. It was a great way to spend a day fishing with my new son-in-law, since he learned that the ‘old man’ could still out fish him. We call him the son-in-awe now!

Bill Easterlin

‘The son in awe’ – love it Bill!

Big thanks to my good friend and Ghillie Harry Proud. Not to forget the Salmon gods!

The next client to beat this record will receive a fine bottle of single malt Scotch Whisky courtesy of Scotia Fishing!

“Five Salmon in one day for Scotia Fishing guest” – I do like the sound of that…

For more info Salmon fishing dreams on the River Tay please visit our Salmon fishing in Scotland package or contact us now to enter our enquiry form.

Tight lines!