Loop Pro Team Scotland – Callum Conner

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If you asked me if I had a choice to join any tackle companies pro team there would be no hesitation in my mind who I would have picked – Loop Tackle! Anyone that knows me well enough will tell you how much passion I have for the brand. Ever since I started working in the fishing industry I’ve had a real soft spot for Loop, they make great gear, it looks good, preforms well and they have a real modern vibe about the company that I find refreshing, especially for a fly fishing brand. I just love what the company does, they’re innovative, from their fly reels down to their fly line packaging ( yes I do get excited by 50/50 underwater release shots on the front of fly boxes, I have serious issues! ). So to be asked to join the new look Loop Pro Team was simply an honour!


Loop Cross S1 and Loop Opti – it doesn’t get any sweeter!

There are a number of people I look up to in the fishing industry for different things, from Ghillies, Photographers to Casting Instructors. In particular I’ve always admired Loop’s photographers, Stephan Dombaj JR, Yngve Ask and now Eoin Fairgrieve, head of the new Loop Akademi. It’s great to be able to work alongside Eoin and I’m really looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, there are some seriously talented guys involved in Loop Pro Team Scotland!

I will have some of the latest Loop fly fishing rods, reels and fly lines for you to try out when on trips with Scotia Fishing or during casting lessons if you’d like to try before you buy – let me know!

Here’s to #Looplife!

Best wishes!

Callum Conner