Well what a year it’s been so far for Scotia Fishing and our clients! We’ve had many memorable days and some great catches.

Apologies for the lack of updates, we’ve not been able to post as regularly as we’d like. Here’s just a few small snippets of a few of the fishing highlights in 2015 so far!

In early Spring we had some real mixed weather, one week it was warm, one week it was cold and to be honest the whole of Spring was much colder than usual. Not that we were complaining though as the fishing throughout Spring was epic! & Grayling in the latter half (post spawn) were feeding hard and we managed some great catches during this period

First time lady fly fisher Jayne from Australia had never picked up a fishing rod before, never mind a fly fishing rod! That didn’t stop her from landing this cracking 3lb plus Grayling!


Star pupil Jayne from Australia with a fish of a lifetime for her first ever catch!

Australian guest Joe was a great laugh and although we couldn’t get him into some big Grayling he managed this stunning Trout on the dry fly after 15 minutes of figuring out what he wanted – a special catch.


Joe wasn’t the only one delighted!

Young Jaco had three specimen Grayling in the one day and also hooked two Salmon by accident! A little superstar angler in the making!


Little star Jaco from Italy – one of my personal favourite days of the year!

Mats from Sweden managed this stonker at 3lb 4oz in early Summer. The river was gin clear so we had to apply stealth tactics. The New Zealand indicators came into their own during this period and I climbed up trees in order to pick out the fish and avoid spooking them with blind casting – great fun!


3lb plus grayling – keep em wet…

South African guest Richard managed this superb river brown trout on a waterhen bloa.

big troot

A river Brown Trout in peak condition!


My guest Lucas from USA Brian had this outstanding Tay Trout just over 5lb. Here it is displayed using the famous “rock the baby” goal celebration grip…


Bars of gold…



The Spring Salmon fishing was excellent in April, May and June so our clients managed to get into some bars of silver on both the River Tweed and Tay.

Mick Duggan managed two in the one day fishing the Tweed with Loop & Sakura endorsed guide Callum Conner.




Numero uno…



No doubts about it, the Australian’s are the luckiest!


Spring Tweed Chrome…

Mark from Australia managed an epic Salmon on the Middle Tay.


A beezer as we say…


See what I mean now about the Aussies?….

Said from Jordan picked up Spey casting very quickly and had a great time despite not landing any Salmon – his wife however did lose a cracking fish on the Lower Middle Tay.


The stunning Lower River Tay



The famous Islamouth pool


Pike fishing was slow to begin with but did pick up towards the latter half of spring. The fish were late to spawn in our local waters but they didn’t half go on a feeding frenzy soon after this!

Said managed a cracking Pike in the mid teens – caught fishing jerk baits aggressively just sub-surface which is one of the most exciting types of fishing you can do in the UK.


Proper chunky Scottish Loch Pike fight like demon’s…

Dylan from Down Under managed this nice Pike in amongst a bucket load of fish for their days sport.


Aussies again….

Ed managed his first ever Pike on a surface fly – the best way to do it! The fish were on these big time for a few weeks and we had some amazing fun fishing poppers during this period.


Pike hits on the surface – it gets no better!

Ryan & Sao from Dubai had some great sport – Sao had most of the luck though, had to be said Ryan!


Sao was nailing the Pike all day fishing soft plastics…

I managed to get myself out for a days Pike fly fishing from the float tube on our local loch and managed this only fish of the day at 20lb 3oz – epic battle!


He aint lost it…

That’s just a little catch up, we’re now hitting peak Salmon season and the back end run is shaping up to be a cracker! Let’s hope for some rain and some more epic days to call in the remainder of the season!

Stay tuned for some interesting news from Scotia Fishing soon…

Tight lines!