Fly Fishing Near Glasgow

Guided Fly fishing near Glasgow can be easily arranged with Scotia Fishing. Glasgow is only 20 minutes drive from our HQ, we can have you fishing in some of Scotland’s finest fishing locations, surrounded by stunning scenery after a short car journey from the city centre. Quality Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Pike fishing can be arranged with expert, qualified and personable fishing guides.

What about guided Salmon fly fishing near Glasgow?  Why wouldn’t you fish for the king of fish while visiting the home of Salmon fly fishing?



Salmon Fly fishing near Glasgow in secluded woodland estates


Experience fly fishing near Glasgow on one of Central Scotland’s most beautiful Salmon beats. Not only is this river surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife, it also produces a lot of Salmon. However, it has a particular reputation for big fish with a 40b Salmon landed from this beat in recent years.



Stunning rivers, a taste of the highlands only 40 minutes from Glasgow!

You can find out more about our packages for Salmon Fly Fishing Trips in Scotland.   Fly fish for Wild Brown Trout near Glasgow on scenic Lochs, either from boat or bank. In only 40 minutes drive from Glasgow city centre you can be in the heart of the Trossachs National Park with an abundance of suitable Loch’s to choose from. Our experienced fishing guides will use their knowledge to select the best venue that suits your taste and the local conditions.


A fine wild river Brown Trout for French Scotia Fishing guest.

We can also organise guided fly fishing near Glasgow for Wild Brown Trout in the small Trossachs streams or lowland rivers which are famous for producing large specimens, both are within an hours drive from Glasgow city centre. Wild Brown Trout Fishing Trips in Scotland


Fly fish stunning rivers near Glasgow like the famous Clyde

The Trout in the smaller streams may not be big but what they lack in size they often make up for in beauty and spirit. A real purists fly fishing experience!


A proper Scottish Grayling caught French Nymphing in the Fall

Grayling fly fishing offers all year round fishing with peak season being October – March, although they can be caught all year. Grayling are a favourite amongst our guides for their beauty and sport, often feeding when the Trout switch off. You can find out more information about Trout & Grayling River fly Fishing trips in Scotland.


Pike. The Apex Predator. The Don Corleone of fish in Scotland!

In our opinion one of the most exhilarating fishing trips in Scotland has to be Pike Fly Fishing. Pike grow big, 20lb plus specimen’s are common, they fight hard and will readily take a fly with bad intentions! Pike offer tremendous sport on the fly – they come highly recommended by Scotia Fishing guides! You can find out more information here about Pike fly fishing trips in Scotland. All our packages include:

  • Hotel Pick Ups from Glasgow City Centre
  • Permits
  • Personal guide per 3 anglers
  • Qualified Tuition
  • Full safety equipment
  • High-end fishing tackle hire
  • Hearty Scottish themed Lunches, Snacks & non alcoholic beverages
  • Photography from your trip to keep as a souvenir

We offer one of the best value guided fishing services in Scotland, don’t just believe us – check out our independent reviews on Trip Advisor. If you’d like to experience some fly fishing near Glasgow you can get in touch with the various links throughout the post or the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page.

Fly Fishing Near St Andrews Scotland

Scotia Fishing can put you on to the best Salmon fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland. St Andrews is steeped in golfing history but it’s not only a fantastic location for golf, it’s only a short car journey from one of Scotland’s and Europe’s most prolific Atlantic Salmon fishing rivers, the mighty River Tay! The River Tay is Scotland’s longest river spanning an impressive 117 miles from source to sea!


The stunning River Tay – only 45 minutes from St Andrews!

The River Tay is also home to the British record Atlantic Salmon, caught by Miss Georgina Ballantine in 1922, weighing in at a colossal 64lb! The 2013 season saw the river produce the best catches in a long time, particularly with Spring run Salmon.

Salmon fishing on the River Tay in Scotland is a truly unforgettable experience, it’s no wonder anglers travel from far corners of the globe to fish this spectacular river.


A beautiful Salmon caught fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland

Our head guide Callum Conner is a SGAIC qualified, insured, SANA licensed, single hand and double hand fly casting instructor and member of the Loop Pro Team, so don’t worry if you haven’t fly fished before – you’re in competent hands.

Using professional instruction techniques he’ll have you casting like a seasoned pro in no time! You can learn to Spey cast using the latest rods from Loop Tackle including top of the range Loop Cross S1 fly rods!


A client spey casting like a natural after an hours tuition on the River Tay

Scotia Fishing create memorable Salmon fly fishing trips near St Andrews on the River Tay and its many prolific tributaries.

Our packages include:

  • Hotel pick ups
  • Permits
  • Personal guide per 3 anglers
  • Tuition
  • Full safety equipment hire
  • High-end tackle hire
  • Breathable wader hire
  • Hearty Scottish themed lunches & non alcoholic drinks
  • Photographic memories from your trip to keep as a souvenir

You can find out more information about our Salmon fishing packages here:  River Tay Salmon Fishing fly fishing near St Andrews


Trout fly fishing near St. Andrews Scotland

We also have access to a selection of scenic venues offering quality Trout fly fishing near St Andrews.  Still water or rivers, we can organise Trout fly fishing trips near St Andrews Scotland to suit your taste.

The local rivers offer the chance to catch Wild Brown Trout and Grayling on the fly.


American Singer Chuck Ragan with a typical Tay Grayling

If you prefer Loch (Lake) fishing you can fly fish for Wild Brown Trout in iconic locations just outside of St Andrews. What better way to spend a relaxing days fishing  with great company, surrounded by the Scottish countryside, history and wildlife!

Find out more about our packages here Trout Fishing in Scotland.

If you are looking for a day out fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland then please get in touch with Scotia Fishing using the “Contact Us” button above.

Fly Fishing Near Gleneagles

Scotia Fishing have a number of options for guided fly fishing near Gleneagles. Scotland is synonymous with Salmon fishing and luckily Gleneagles is only a few miles from the “Mighty River Tay” home of the British record rod caught Atlantic Salmon!


A happy Scotia Fishing Client releasing a 17lb Spring Salmon

Check out our sample itinerary for a days Salmon fishing near Gleneagles and Salmon Fishing Scotland Package to view prices and book now.

River Trout & Grayling Fly Fishing Near Gleneagles. Scotia Fishing guides have a vast knowledge of the local area and there is some great river fishing to be had when conditions dictate. Both Grayling & Brown Trout can be caught  in the same day on the same river.

Grayling are arguably one of the most beautiful species you can catch in fresh water. They offer anglers year round sport but peak season is from November to February. Wild Brown Trout in Scotland tend to average around a 1/2 lb and what they often lack in size they make up for in beauty and spirit!


Scotland is home to some of the best Grayling fishing in Europe!

Trout & Grayling Fishing in Scotland Packages.

Loch Fly Fishing Near Gleneagles. Scotia Fishing can offer you the chance to fish for the sporting Rainbow Trout from a boat surrounded by the scenic Perthshire Hills. Artificially stocked for anglers pleasure, the Rainbow Trout average around 2lb, giving great sport to anglers.

We can also offer you the opportunity to fish for Wild Brown Trout in the Perthshire Hill Lochs from  bank or boat. There is something special about strolling around the shore casting along the margins fishing for our spirited Wild Brown Trout .


A fine Brown Trout!

Trout Loch Fishing Packages in Scotland.

Pike Fly Fishing Near Gleneagles – In our opinion Pike are the most under rated species in Scotland, these fresh water predators offer unbelievable sport on a fly rod. Scottish Pike grow in excess of 20lb in many of our Lochs.

Pike have no fear and will literally nail your lure or fly with bad intentions just inches away from you, providing heart stopping hits. Once hooked they will often tail walk across the surface of the water in an attempt to free the hook.

We can fish for Pike using jerk baits and modern lure fishing techniques as well, if you don’t fly fish these are equally as effective and exciting methods.


The Pikes aggressive nature makes them a firm favourite with Scotia Fishing Guides

Pike Fishing in Scotland Packages.

Come and book a guided fishing trip or vacation with Scotia Fishing and experience the best of Scottish Fishing!

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