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Grayling Fishing in Scotland

I’ve been Grayling fishing in Scotland since I was 18 and I can remember when I caught my first ever Grayling down on the River Tweed. After a few trips without success, I managed to eventually catch one after applying some advice I was given on a fly fishing forum (they can be helpful places sometimes!).

I was fishing for Grayling in the summer and set up with a duo of klinkhammer and gold beaded hares ear. I was told to strike every time the klinkhammer disappeared and eventually I struck and it moved – I had hooked something.


Where the love began, my first ever Grayling and equally impressive hair style – blonde streaked mullet… Those were the days hey?

I landed the fish (which was over 2lb) and safely returned it before proceeding to catch another smaller one and calling it a day. That’s where the love began.

Over the years I have fished various rivers throughout Scotland, building up local knowledge on the rivers and refining my techniques. Without blowing my own trumpet I’ve been lucky enough to land my fair share of specimen Grayling along the way.

It was on the 1st of January 2015 I first beat my personal best with this horse of a Grayling caught on a red tag hares ear and measured at 48cm but look at the shoulders on this thing!


This was a personal best at the time…

I have caught and weighed Grayling up to 2lb 12oz and this was a bit longer but unbelievably fatter! Easily 3lb plus. That’s only a number though, I just enjoyed catching the fish. Far too much emphasis in fishing these days is on pounds and ounces, just enjoy it!

Now I have beaten it twice in what has been a special, special year for myself personally with Grayling of 3lb 4oz then 3lb 5oz.


Huge Grayling caught in rising river – the rule books aren’t gospel! Apologies for the background photoshop but fish like these are pretty special and we have to protect our marks and more importantly these fine fish.

It’s hard to believe this majestic looking species were considered a pest many years ago. Persecuted by anglers and ghillies worried they ate all the Salmon eggs.

Thankfully attitudes have changed and they are now a much sought after quarry in Scotland, particularly in winter.


Fly fish stunning Scottish rivers

Grayling can be fished for all year round although it’s advised to avoid fishing for them during spawning times for obvious reasons. Although related to Trout & Salmon they spawn at different times preferring early Spring.

The great thing about Grayling fishing in Scotland is even in the coldest depths of winter, driving sleet, heavy snow, rain and wind they will still feed when little else is willing to take a fly. I have caught them in temperatures as low as minus 17 degrees celsius!


Bugging for Grayling

Grayling fishing in Scotland is up there with some of the best quality sport we have in the country (in my opinion). We have a number of quality rivers such as: the River Annan. Earn, Clyde, Isla, Nith, Tay, Tummel, Tweed & Teviot.

All these rivers offer fantastic Grayling fishing with with healthy populations and specimen captures every season.


Young Jaco from Italy was a star! Three big grayling he had this day. Two over 3lbs!

Whether you are based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirlingshire, The Borders, St Andrews or Perth there is good Grayling fishing to be had within an hours drive – what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in Guided Grayling Fishing in Scotland please get in touch now.

We provide full equipment, waders, permits, transport, guides, lunch and photographs from your day to keep as a souvenir.

New for 2015 is our Winter Grayling Fishing Packages with special offers available.

Fly Fishing Near Glasgow

Guided Fly fishing near Glasgow can be easily arranged with Scotia Fishing. Glasgow is only 20 minutes drive from our HQ, we can have you fishing in some of Scotland’s finest fishing locations, surrounded by stunning scenery after a short car journey from the city centre. Quality Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Pike fishing can be arranged with expert, qualified and personable fishing guides.

What about guided Salmon fly fishing near Glasgow?  Why wouldn’t you fish for the king of fish while visiting the home of Salmon fly fishing?



Salmon Fly fishing near Glasgow in secluded woodland estates


Experience fly fishing near Glasgow on one of Central Scotland’s most beautiful Salmon beats. Not only is this river surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife, it also produces a lot of Salmon. However, it has a particular reputation for big fish with a 40b Salmon landed from this beat in recent years.



Stunning rivers, a taste of the highlands only 40 minutes from Glasgow!

You can find out more about our packages for Salmon Fly Fishing Trips in Scotland.   Fly fish for Wild Brown Trout near Glasgow on scenic Lochs, either from boat or bank. In only 40 minutes drive from Glasgow city centre you can be in the heart of the Trossachs National Park with an abundance of suitable Loch’s to choose from. Our experienced fishing guides will use their knowledge to select the best venue that suits your taste and the local conditions.


A fine wild river Brown Trout for French Scotia Fishing guest.

We can also organise guided fly fishing near Glasgow for Wild Brown Trout in the small Trossachs streams or lowland rivers which are famous for producing large specimens, both are within an hours drive from Glasgow city centre. Wild Brown Trout Fishing Trips in Scotland


Fly fish stunning rivers near Glasgow like the famous Clyde

The Trout in the smaller streams may not be big but what they lack in size they often make up for in beauty and spirit. A real purists fly fishing experience!


A proper Scottish Grayling caught French Nymphing in the Fall

Grayling fly fishing offers all year round fishing with peak season being October – March, although they can be caught all year. Grayling are a favourite amongst our guides for their beauty and sport, often feeding when the Trout switch off. You can find out more information about Trout & Grayling River fly Fishing trips in Scotland.


Pike. The Apex Predator. The Don Corleone of fish in Scotland!

In our opinion one of the most exhilarating fishing trips in Scotland has to be Pike Fly Fishing. Pike grow big, 20lb plus specimen’s are common, they fight hard and will readily take a fly with bad intentions! Pike offer tremendous sport on the fly – they come highly recommended by Scotia Fishing guides! You can find out more information here about Pike fly fishing trips in Scotland. All our packages include:

  • Hotel Pick Ups from Glasgow City Centre
  • Permits
  • Personal guide per 3 anglers
  • Qualified Tuition
  • Full safety equipment
  • High-end fishing tackle hire
  • Hearty Scottish themed Lunches, Snacks & non alcoholic beverages
  • Photography from your trip to keep as a souvenir

We offer one of the best value guided fishing services in Scotland, don’t just believe us – check out our independent reviews on Trip Advisor. If you’d like to experience some fly fishing near Glasgow you can get in touch with the various links throughout the post or the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page.