One thing we take great pride in at Scotia Fishing is the volume of returning clients we’ve had – this year alone!

We feel this is better than any Tripadvisor review or testimonial. It proves the level of service we provide is of high standard to make people fly back from all corners of the globe to fish with us again in Scotland.

In four years Scotia has grown to become one of the leading providers of Guided Fishing Trips in Scotland. We’re now Scotland’s highest rated guided fishing service on Tripadvisor, receiving a certificate of excellence in 2016.

Here are some photos of returning clients and a bit of story about them!


Nice Winter Pike for Mr Penrod!

Mr Penrod from Chicago has fished with me every year since day one of Scotia! We’ve been out for Pike and Grayling and then back on the Pike – Salmon next..


His first fish on a fly rod – not a bad Grayling!

A larger than life character he is an absolute pleasure to spend a day with and I look forward to seeing him every March!

Young Jacopo from Milano!


Young Jaco with his third big grayling of the day!

What can I say about this young man, a superstar! Jacopo fished with me two years running. First year he landed some great Pike and Grayling, and lost two Salmon whilst fishing for Grayling – crazy day!

On his return visit he fished for Pike and had two days at Salmon. The first day resulted in nothing despite an impressive effort. I asked Jacopo if he preferred to chase Pike the following day or come back for another try at Salmon, he answered without hesitation “I want to catch a Salmon”.


A perfect late summer run River Tay Salmon!

Ten minutes into day two saw us land this magnificent River Tay Salmon at 18lbs – one of my favourite ever guiding moments!

Jack and Joe from Canada fished with me in Year two for Pike and had a blast! Catching over ten Pike in a day to modern lure techniques.


Young Jack the Pike slayer!

They returned in 2017 on a new quest for Jack’s favourite – Grayling, and on the fly!


Jack putting a nice bend into the 3 weight on a Scottish Grayling

Despite tough conditions they managed to fulfil this goal and land some Scottish Grayling on the fly! Young Jack is a great little fly fisher and I hope to see them back again in another few years to target Salmon!

Hiroshi from Japan was working in Scotland for Mitsubishi and decided to do a day with us to see what fishing in Scotland was all about!

First day was a search for Salmon on the River Tay. Despite a sterling effort we never managed to hook any on this day.


Beautiful River Tweed Brown Trout

Hiroshi then came back for a return trip  couple months later to fly fish for Brown Trout & Grayling.

This day was a lot more productive and Hiroshi (a first time fly fisher) had a great day with around two Trout & Grayling all on fly.

His next trip he wanted to try my recommendation of Pike!


A very respectable Pike for Hiroshi

What a day he had with over 20 Pike from 4lbs up to 15lbs on baits in the middle of winter – a great days fishing by anyones standard! Hiroshi enjoyed it so much he booked another two trips a week later!

Tom from the mighty USA fished with me in my first year. We spent a day on the River Tay in final week of the season fishing for Atlantic Salmon. Tom had already fished with a guide the previous year for Salmon but had a fruitless day.

Well, he got of to a flyer with us and in the first ten minutes landed this Salmon despite the river being 7ft above summer level!


Tom off to a flyer – not a great photo but look at the smile!

He also managed another later in the day, a fresh run Grilse.  Two Salmon in a day is a great result by anyone’s standards!


Tom’s second of the day – a sea liced grilse!

This year Tom managed to sneak in a day whilst on vacation with his good lady. This time it was late spring on the River Tay.


Tom on the Tay again!

Fishing was tougher on this occasion, despite seeing a number of Salmon (they were bounding about everywhere), we couldn’t manage to hook any!

Jonathan has fished with me twice over the last two years, opting to do a casting refresher and sharpen up his skills for the coming seasons efforts.


Circle c’ing like a boss!

I have had an absolute blast helping him improve his spey casting and now he has progressed onto the snake roll cast!


Justin the show off! Look at that backdrop!

Louis & Carl fished with me in 2016 of Salmon on the last day of the season at the River Tay. River was big but the fish were in the mood and they managed a few hookups and Louis landed a nice Sea Trout


Nice wee sea trout for Louis!

And Carl landed a coloured Male Salmon, typical of end of season.


Carl’s first ever Salmon in full spawning livery!

In Spring 2017 they returned to try fly fishing on the River Tweed! This time they fished hard all day with Suszy (mum) losing a belter of a Brown Trout!


Louis the little legend!

Louis saved the day at the last cast with this stunner of a Grayling!

Dan & Kate fished with me in my first year for Pike and had a great day using spoons they had custom made with their wedding date on them! How cool is that?


A proper chunk Scottish Pike!

In 2017 they returned on a mission to catch Scottish Grayling and do a day on the Pike lake again!

The Pike wasn’t as productive as their first year but they manage a few Trout & Grayling with this one the highlight of the trip.


Lovely grayling for Dan the man!

This is just a small selection of the clients we’ve had return over the past season. We will look forward to seeing more in 2018!

Tight Lines

Callum Conner

MD & Head Guide @ Scotia Fishing