Fly casting lessons with a trained and qualified, professional
casting instructor are invaluable. Whether you're a
complete beginner or a seasoned pro we will tailor
your lesson to suit your requirements.      

Spey Casting Lessons in Scotland

We specialise in Spey casting lessons in Scotland near Falkirk, Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth with Callum Conner. Callum is a fully qualified SGAIC (AAPGAI Provisional), SANA licensed, Spey casting instructor and Loop Pro Team/ Loop Akademi Instructor.

“I’m fortunate enough to have been mentored by some of the finest fly casters in the world. Spending so many hours under their guidance I have finely tuned my casting technique and developed my teaching skills.”

In order to achieve efficient Spey casting technique it’s essential you know and fully understand how to apply the basic principles to your casting. As with any building process, it starts with good solid foundations – this is where I can help!

Spey casting lessons in Scotland from a qualified instructor will prove invaluable, saving you time and money in the long run. Using clear and concise professional structure they can give you the foundations to develop an efficient technique, cast with less effort, cover more water and ultimately catch more fish!

I can help you learn and improve the following casts.

  • Roll Cast
  • Jump Roll Cast
  • Single Spey Cast
  • Double Spey Cast
  • Snap T Cast
  • Circle C Cast
  • Snake Roll Cast
  • Overhead Cast

Learn to spey cast efficiently using floating and sinking Spey Lines, Shooting Heads and even Skagits.

Rods and lines from Loop Tackle can be supplied but I’d suggest bringing along your own set up so we can determine you are using a balanced outfit.


£75 for 2 hour lesson.

£110 for 2 participants 2 hour lesson.

We also offer single hand fly fishing lessons in Scotland.

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