“Wee Vic”

Sad day today at Scotia HQ, said a final goodbye far too early to a man who leaves a lasting impression on my life. A wee legend in my eyes.

vic 2

Vic enjoying one of my venison burgers

Pre Scotia days I had the pleasure of first meeting Vic in what was then my local tackle shop, the old Angling Centre Stirling. We later went on to become colleagues when I went to work there for 4 years and became friends outside of work when we both went our separate ways.

Vic was your classic ‘Scottish character’, very warm, welcoming, helpful, chatty, full of the jokes, didn’t take anything too serious and always had the ability to see the best in people.

A natural salesman and a knowledge of Scottish fishing that was huge across all genres, I learned loads from him over the years, not just about fishing.


My last ever trip fishing with him for Perch on Loch Lomond – he caught more than me that day too

I had some great days fishing with him, and the funny thing about when you fished with him is it didn’t matter what side of the boat he was on, the bugger always wanted to cast onto your side and poach your fish!  When he did catch more fish or bigger fish than you, you could be sure he would let you know :).


I took Vic up to this Loch for the first ever time and showed him the areas, he obviously packed this fish out my swim that day too… Classic Vic reply after this when I said ” do you want to try the other side?” – “Aye, I catch fish anywhere mate eh”

I’ll look back at a few photos from fishing together with fondness tonight and toast a wee half in memory of him!

RIP Wee Man x

Trout and Salmon Magazine!

Great to see our client Adam in this months Trout & Salmon magazine, Salmon fishing on the beautiful River Teith! Adam never managed a Salmon on this day but took up Spey casting very quickly after some tuition from Founder, SGAIC and Loop Ambassador Callum Conner!


Trout and Salmon magazine double page spread.

Trout & Salmon is the UK’s number one, leading game fishing monthly magazine, an institution in fly fishing literature so it was great privilege to be asked to provide this image for the current issue.

One thing we take the great pride on is the images on our site are taken and copyright owned by Callum Conner Photography bar a couple of himself.

Fishing has been excellent this past few weeks and you can look forward to a write up very shortly!

Tight lines!

Callum & Lennie

The River Tweed Trout Fishing Season Starts Today!

Today is the start of the River Tweed Trout fishing season 1st of April (No fools..), we wish we were out chasing those wily spotted residents that inhabit the Tweed today but office duties are essential!

April/May is a great time to be out on this river, the best of the dry fly fishing is historically during these months, when you also stand a chance at landing some real specimens.

Last year saw some phenomenal fishing early season with massive hatches of Grannom Sedge. A few of our friends managed some stonking wild browns during this period.

Here’s a sample of the kind of Trout the Tweed has to offer:


Horse of a trout caught whilst on my own scouting new areas…

If you’re interested in a guided fishing trip on the River Tweed please get in touch.

Best of luck to all those fortunate anglers out today, the river is in good condition although it is still blustery I’m sure there will be some fish on the feed!

Tight lines


Fishing in March in Scotland 2015 with Scotia Fishing

Fishing in March was quite good to us, we managed some great fish for our clients including Grayling, Pike, and Trout but the Salmon evaded us!

We had some real mixed weather conditions which are typical of early spring/ late winter in Scotland. We’ve seen highs of 13/14 degrees, snow, hail, heavy rain – you name it we got it! The river shave been up and down also but when settled conditions have been good.

The Grayling fishing this winter has been very good to me personally, managing to top my personal bests on two occasions.

First with this Grayling at 48cm and unweighed..


Hunchback of grayling dam…

Then this 3lb 5oz specimen a few weeks later.


Blurred to protect our spots – sorry.

Then the following week I managed another chunk at 3lb 4oz from a new venue when out chasing Trout!


A stunning Grayling with unbelievable colouration…


Having spoke with many other friends in the fishing fraternity we think it’s been a big fish year. Let’s hope for the same this season!

Trout fishing on the rivers has been slow to start with, the water temperatures are still low and only occasionally are we aw signs of life in March but temps are increasing as we write this review. The LDO’s are hatching and fish are rising!

The River Tweed Trout fishing season kicks off today and we cannot wait to get started with this beautiful river’s spotted residents.


Still bit of feeding to be done on this one, but great acrobatic fight!


Pick of the bunch for Grayling this winter was Mr Ed Molina, a highly regarded tattoo artist from USA with a great brace of Middle Tweed Grayling of 2lb 4oz and 2lb 10oz…


Show those lady’s some love…

American singer and songwriter managed to break from his UK touring schedule to sneak an early morning raid on the River Tay for Brown Trout and Grayling, managing a few Grayling and a Trout on the Scottish version of the San Juan Worm – “The Squirmie Wormie”


Can you spot the squirmie…

We had some nice Pike in March too with Josh nailing the pick of the bunch with a low double figure Pike caught in freezing conditions! The cold gets forgotten about when you’re catching fish though…


JP with a great Pike

That’s a round up of the latest winter fishing and March fishing in Scotland –  April is shaping up nicely, the Salmon runs will start to increase into May, the trout fishing starts to come in to it’s own and the Pike will be on the hunt post-spawn at end of the month when sport can be hectic!

We still have some availability so please get in touch using the contact us button at the top of the page if you’d like to experience Scottish fishing at its best!

Tight lines