Loop Pro Team Scotland – Callum Conner

If you asked me if I had a choice to join any tackle companies pro team there would be no hesitation in my mind who I would have picked – Loop Tackle! Anyone that knows me well enough will tell you how much passion I have for the brand. Ever since I started working in the fishing industry I’ve had a real soft spot for Loop, they make great gear, it looks good, preforms well and they have a real modern vibe about the company that I find refreshing, especially for a fly fishing brand. I just love what the company does, they’re innovative, from their fly reels down to their fly line packaging ( yes I do get excited by 50/50 underwater release shots on the front of fly boxes, I have serious issues! ). So to be asked to join the new look Loop Pro Team was simply an honour!


Loop Cross S1 and Loop Opti – it doesn’t get any sweeter!

There are a number of people I look up to in the fishing industry for different things, from Ghillies, Photographers to Casting Instructors. In particular I’ve always admired Loop’s photographers, Stephan Dombaj JR, Yngve Ask and now Eoin Fairgrieve, head of the new Loop Akademi. It’s great to be able to work alongside Eoin and I’m really looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, there are some seriously talented guys involved in Loop Pro Team Scotland!

I will have some of the latest Loop fly fishing rods, reels and fly lines for you to try out when on trips with Scotia Fishing or during casting lessons if you’d like to try before you buy – let me know!

Here’s to #Looplife!

Best wishes!

Callum Conner


Fly Fishing Near St Andrews Scotland

Scotia Fishing can put you on to the best Salmon fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland. St Andrews is steeped in golfing history but it’s not only a fantastic location for golf, it’s only a short car journey from one of Scotland’s and Europe’s most prolific Atlantic Salmon fishing rivers, the mighty River Tay! The River Tay is Scotland’s longest river spanning an impressive 117 miles from source to sea!


The stunning River Tay – only 45 minutes from St Andrews!

The River Tay is also home to the British record Atlantic Salmon, caught by Miss Georgina Ballantine in 1922, weighing in at a colossal 64lb! The 2013 season saw the river produce the best catches in a long time, particularly with Spring run Salmon.

Salmon fishing on the River Tay in Scotland is a truly unforgettable experience, it’s no wonder anglers travel from far corners of the globe to fish this spectacular river.


A beautiful Salmon caught fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland

Our head guide Callum Conner is a SGAIC qualified, insured, SANA licensed, single hand and double hand fly casting instructor and member of the Loop Pro Team, so don’t worry if you haven’t fly fished before – you’re in competent hands.

Using professional instruction techniques he’ll have you casting like a seasoned pro in no time! You can learn to Spey cast using the latest rods from Loop Tackle including top of the range Loop Cross S1 fly rods!


A client spey casting like a natural after an hours tuition on the River Tay

Scotia Fishing create memorable Salmon fly fishing trips near St Andrews on the River Tay and its many prolific tributaries.

Our packages include:

  • Hotel pick ups
  • Permits
  • Personal guide per 3 anglers
  • Tuition
  • Full safety equipment hire
  • High-end tackle hire
  • Breathable wader hire
  • Hearty Scottish themed lunches & non alcoholic drinks
  • Photographic memories from your trip to keep as a souvenir

You can find out more information about our Salmon fishing packages here:  River Tay Salmon Fishing fly fishing near St Andrews


Trout fly fishing near St. Andrews Scotland

We also have access to a selection of scenic venues offering quality Trout fly fishing near St Andrews.  Still water or rivers, we can organise Trout fly fishing trips near St Andrews Scotland to suit your taste.

The local rivers offer the chance to catch Wild Brown Trout and Grayling on the fly.


American Singer Chuck Ragan with a typical Tay Grayling

If you prefer Loch (Lake) fishing you can fly fish for Wild Brown Trout in iconic locations just outside of St Andrews. What better way to spend a relaxing days fishing  with great company, surrounded by the Scottish countryside, history and wildlife!

Find out more about our packages here Trout Fishing in Scotland.

If you are looking for a day out fly fishing near St Andrews Scotland then please get in touch with Scotia Fishing using the “Contact Us” button above.

Some Kind Words For Scotia Fishing!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Mike Kernan from The Scottish Sun, he had heard some good things about Scotia Fishing and wanted to write an article on our success. It came as a surprise, but what a pleasant one! Mike took a few words from me but had already digested enough information from others and via our website. A week or so passed and I thought nothing of it until I got a phone call from my good friend and mentor Steven Reid!


One for the scrap book..

It’s always good to be recognised for your dedication and hard work. I really look forward to growing Scotia Fishing, building our reputation and reading more positive stories and reviews!

You can read more of our client testimonials by following this link.

Thanks for reading.

Callum Conner

Head Guide/Instructor

Fly Fishing Near Edinburgh

Looking for guided fly fishing near Edinburgh? Scotia Fishing has an array of packages for fly fishing near Edinburgh. Imagine Salmon fishing on the world famous River Tweed & River Tay, two of Europe’s most prolific Salmon rivers? Fly fishing for free rising Wild Brown Trout & large specimen Grayling in crystal clear freestone rivers? Fishing the iconic Loch Leven on 100 year old boats for the Trout of a lifetime? Pike fishing with lure or fly for the UK’s ultimate predator? Maybe even some salt water fly fishing for hard fighting Pollock and the UK’s mini Tuna  – Mackerel?

Whatever you fancy, Scotia Fishing has got you covered!

We can have you Fly fishing near Edinburgh for Trout and Grayling in picturesque rivers or scenic lochs less than an hours chauffeured drive from the city centre!


Joe with a great River Trout caught on the upstream dry fly only 40 mins from Edinburgh…

We have access to some stunning hill lochs that have produced specimen brown trout weighing over 4lbs! These big brown trout are no push over and require patience and persistence to achieve results but our guides are seasoned pro’s and will do their best to help maximise your chances. There are plenty of spirited free rising smaller Brown Trout to keep you entertained on theses lochs.

Check out our Trout & Grayling Fishing in Scotland packages.


Huge Salmon caught by Australian guest on the River Tay – only 1 hour from Edinburgh!

Scotia Fishing can organise fly fishing near Edinburgh for Salmon on the world famous River Tweed and Mighty River Tay and their tributaries. These prolific Atlantic Salmon rivers can be reached in a approximately one hours drive from Edinburgh city centre. Upon enquiry we will advise as to which river offers you the best fishing for the time of year. Check out our Salmon fishing in Scotland package. pike-fly-fishing-near-edinburgh
Do you like the sound of fishing for Scotland’s freshwater shark? Pike are arguably the ultimate fishing experience in the UK. These eating machines are killers from the egg and provide consistent year round sport using fly, lure and even bait in the depths of winter.

Head Guide Callum Conner is one of Scotland’s leading Pike fishing guides, a fanatical Pike angler with an envious record of specimen Pike catches for both himself and clients. Check out our Pike Fishing Trips in Scotland package.


Salt water boat fishing out in the ocean only an hours drive from Edinburgh!

Why not try some salt water fly fishing near Edinburgh fishing in the ocean for hard fighting Pollock, they are pound for pound the hardest fighting fish we’ve encountered in UK waters.  You can also fly fish for Mackerel on light fly fishing outfits, this will really put a smile on your face as you feel the unrivalled speed of this mini member of the Tuna family, averaging around 1lbs in weight! Check out our salt water fishing in Scotland packages.

Scotia Fishing will provide everything you need for your trip including;

  • Hotel pick ups
  • Transport
  • Personal qualified & insured guides
  • Permits
  • Food & water
  • Safety equipment
  • Premium fishing equipment
  • Waders
  • Wellington boots
  • Casting tuition
  • Photography from your day to keep as a souvenir.

Payment can be made using your card or by wire transfer. Once a booking is confirmed we will ask a series of questions, when answer you will receive a PDF welcome pack which has all the information you need for your upcoming trip. This can handily be saved to your iPhone, tablet or iPad for future referencing.

If you are looking for guided fly fishing near Edinburgh please do not hesitate to get in touch by using the “Contact Us” box at the top of the page or by phone (see below or above).

Thank you for reading and we look forward to introducing you to fly fishing near Edinburgh.