Fishermans Country

Fishermans Country is the latest addition to Matt Hayes and Mick Brown’s growing list of fishing TV series. This is a short trailer is from one of the days filming and gives us all a little teaser of what to look forward too! I believe it’s being aired on Discovery at some point this year. I have to admit, the cinematography looks really good!

Mick Brown and Matt Hayes are arguably the most popular and influential anglers in the UK.  Matt Hayes in particular for me has been an inspiration from a young age. In my opinion he is the most influential UK fisherman of all time, a legend in my eyes. I can’t imagine the amount of people he has inspired to take up fishing over the years through his various series repeated on Discovery over the years, he even managed to convert me from a golfer!

Enjoy the footage!


Fisherman’s Country from Matt Hayes on Vimeo.