Best Fish Catches in Scotland 2023

Best fish catches in Scotland 2023

As we come to the end of our 2023 fishing season it is time to look back at the best fish catches in Scotland in 2023.

There is no question that 2023 was a challenging salmon fishing season for the country. What was the reason behind it? Honestly, no one really knows. The fish were not here in there usual numbers was the feedback from experienced ghillies.
However, despite this, we at Scotia Fishing bucked the trend in 2023 with our best ever return of clients catching Salmon in Scotland!

What’s more impressive is none of our catches came from harling. This is a traditional trolling method form boats used on the River Tay to cover lots of water. Ours are all casting with only a few caught from the lower River Tay on boats!

Best Salmon Catches in Scotland 2023

The best Salmon caught in Scotland in 2023 for Scotia Fishing clients weighed and impressive 21lbs from the Mighty River Tay!


Another couple of memorable Salmon catches by Scotia Fishing clients in 2023 were Scotia regular Mr Finley.


Here he displays  the most perfect example of an Atlantic Salmon you will ever see caught in March! They don’t come much finer than this!

Last but not least! First time spey caster Georgia, all the way from the United States of America holding with joy a deep set hen fish.
Caught from the River Tweed in October, sporting its full spawning livery!

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Best Brown Trout Catches in Scotland 2023

 Spring fishing in Scotland is the peak time to catch the big wild brown trout on our rivers. This is the time when the best hatches of up-winged flies occur and with that, the trout will feed heavily.

In March if it is still cool weather we can do well fishing spiders, streamers and euro-nymphing.

Below, Mr Smith all the way from Texas, USA displays an absolute unit from the Mighty River Tay – just look at the size of the head on it!


In late March and early April the bigger Trout are eager. Although the hatches may be only 5-10 mins of March Browns, it is the best time to pick out the bigger rises and fish.

Mr Dorazio managed this beauty during a short lived hatch of March Browns that lasted 10 minutes max – two casts and this fish nailed the famous Jingler off the surface!

For more information on our guided trout fishing trips in Scotland please follow the links. 

Best Grayling Catches in Scotland 2023

One of Scotland’s most under-rated species, Grayling. Scotland offers some of the best Grayling fishing in Europe on our Lowland Freestone rivers! We have the potential to produce 50cm/3lb plus fish. These are not as common as it appears on social media or online platforms however!


Young Erasmus student Ben from the USA had some great fishing with a bunch of Grayling and this 2lb class fish the pick of the lot!

Mr Powers by name, Grayling Powers by nature! This 2lb plus battle scarred male gave an impressive amount of itself!


Mr Lashley knocked it clean out the park with a two day session in a week. On the first day he was fishing off ice on the river edges. The second trip four days later, the temperature had risen from minus -8 to a balmy 10 degrees with no ice anywhere!
On his second day he landed his best fish. This male was literally the daddy of them all!

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Best Pike Catches in Scotland 2023

One of Scotland’s most fun fish to catch on light lures and fly, the Pike or Northern Pike as it is often referred to.
Pike are an exciting quarry during the warmer months in Scotland.
This year we were more river focused but we still managed a few Pike trips!


Anders fished with us for four days targeting Salmon and Pike and managed to tick off both species. This was his best Pike in two days, caught fishing light soft plastic lures- great fun!

For more information on guided Pike Fishing in Scotland follow the links.

So the end of the 2023 fishing season in Scotland concludes – what a year for our clients with some of the best catches in Scotland for Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Pike!

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Tight lines for 2024!

Callum Conner
Head Guide & Instructor
Scotia Fishing