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We are excited to offer guided fishing trips in Scotland float tubing in Lochs (lakes) for free rising Trout and hard fighting Pike. For the uninitiated a belly boat or float tube is a semi-circle shaped inflatable boat with a seat in the middle to which you fish from. The tube is propelled manually by the users flippers attached to the feet, similar to a divers. For us there is no better way to catch fish than on the fly and from a float tube. The excitement is heightened even more, once hooked fish will tow you around during the fight, often spinning you round as they make a bid for freedom!

The nature of this fishing means a maximum of one angler per guide. You will need a moderate level of fitness to manoeuvre your tube which is propelled by divers flippers.


1 Person – £265 


Unsure what package to select? Why not embark on a species hunt of Scotland in both saltwater and freshwater environments. We can tailor a trip to fish a number of locations that will provide you with opportunities to catch the various species Scotland has to offer!


1 Person – £249
2 Persons – £299
3 Persons – £359


Light Rock Fishing is a modern saltwater ultra-light lure fishing style where we use 0.5-7g casting weight rods, tiny 2g lures and 6lb braid to target saltwater species, hence the name “light rock fishing”. It is a great way to catch lots of different species in a day, and because the tackle is so light you get great sport from the fish.

Scotia Fishing are excited to be the first in Scotland to offer guided light rock fishing trips. This ultralight lure fishing method is great fun and ideal for young kids as a lot of juvenile fish can be caught in a day. We can also transfer these methods into freshwater fishing for the likes of Brown Trout, Char, Perch and Sea Trout! It’s a fantastic way to catch fish, both effectively and sportingly!


1 Person – £240
2 Persons – £299
3 Persons – £359
4 Persons – £399

For larger groups or any further information please enquire.

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